Idaho Water Sports

I was born just two weeks apart from my future wife, Bonnie, in the same community and attended by the same doctor. After our sixty years together it is hard to talk about either of us without including the other. We have both lived and worked much of our lives outdoors, Bonnie on a farm, and me doing road construction. Bonnie started skiing behind a horse and my first skis were wooden with a mortise and toe strap. Our marriage contract contained a skiing clause. We produced eight children, all of which became excellent skiers. Bonnie and I served as ski instructors in Sun Valley for several seasons. I started the business in 1987 as a small, local bike shop. Since 1992, our son Gordon has owned Idaho Water Sports. I continue to work at IWS in internet sales and am happy to have something to do in my old age. Our other interests include gardening, swimming, and we used to do a lot of whitewater rafting.