Idaho Water Sports
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Team IWS

Check out what our Summer Team has been up to this season!  
Video credit: Team Rider Julie Robinson



My name is Kyle "Smiley" Zemke, father of two and 37 years young. I am a Marine and powersports technician with roughly 20 years experience, and an avid fisherman! I love the outdoors and every season, if there is open water I will fish it! But in the winter months, when it is to cold I enjoy hitting the slopes with my two boys.
Fishing has become a part of life for me and the sport of kayak fishing has become a part of me as well. I love to share my passion with as many as I can. The sport of kayak fishing has intrigued me since my first trip out and inspired me to push the limits and enjoy the sport in a whole new "up close and personal" kind of way that everyone should try at least once!
I love to chase all and any species I can but my most favorite would be the illusive smallmouth bass.
I also enjoy the competitive side of kayak fishing as well. I have been lucky enough to be a member of the Hobie fishing team since 2014. My experiences in the last few years have been amazing and have taken me places I have only dreamed of! Tight lines and hope to see you on the water!

                                      Kyle “Smiley” Zemke

Hobie fishing team member from 2014 to 2017

Founder of Kick’n Bass Kayak Fish’n

Kick’n Bass Kayak Fish’n is an organization that is centered around spreading the joy and passion of kayak fishing. Organizing events such as demo days with local dealerships are just a few of the many ways to help people become familiar with kayak fishing. Kick’n Bass also has a Facebook page and is another great way to get info on the sport and local events.

Founder of Snake River Yak Addicts

Snake River Yak Addicts is a group of kayak anglers spread across Idaho. We communicate via Facebook and a number of us meet and fish on a regular basis. The Snake River Yak Addicts FB page is also open to all sorts of topics, questions, and pretty much anything fishing!!


2015 season finishs

Tillamook Bay May Day, may 2015 1st place

October KBF regional challenge 2nd place


2016 season finish’s

KBF free for all national  49th of 142 anglers

KBF NW April 2nd place

KBF NW May 9th place

KBF NW June 3rd place

KBF NW July 9th place

KBF NW August 3rd place

KBF NW Oct. 2nd place (also qualified for NC)

KBF Black Bass Friday National 29th of 137 anglers 1st place in Northwest Div.

Kayak Wars 1st place Northwest div., 124 fish submitted, 10 different species both fresh and saltwater

Kayak Wars 1st Place team Northwest div.

Tillamook Bay May Day 2nd place

2017 season

Lakeside Lodge ice fishing derby 2nd place