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Acme Prop 525 3 Blade 13D x 11.5P


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Acme 525 Prop

Acme's CNC Process provides the most accurate method for consistently producing propellers to the correct diameter, pitch, and cup size. Doing all these procedures Acme can dial in to make incremental changes in any or all of these elements, which enables the development of an optimum propeller for each specific make and model of boat.

Precision machining of its waterski and wakeboard boat propellers allows ACME to hold tolerance and achieve accuracies never before seen in the propeller industry. Which will result in large surface area props that are more efficient and perfectly balanced.

The ACME 3 blade prop are no capable of providing you with the same hole shot and top end performance that many 4 blades deliver.

Acme 525

Bore: 1 - 1/8 "

Dia. : 13"

Pitch: 11 - 1/2 "

Cup : .080

Rotation : LH with keyed

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