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EZ Dock was developed in order for the consumer to be able to spend all their time out on the water and not be having to worry about their docks.  After having to install and remove docks every year for the winter months, two innovative friends invented and patented the EZ Dock system.  EZ Dock systems are the most stable and strongest floating docks and lift systems available.  EZ Dock is now the industry leader in polyethylene docking systems and accessories.  Here at Idaho Water Sports, we love these docks.  Our city uses them on each boat ramp throughout the town, and they are loved by the whole community.


EZ Dock systems are so versatile that we can help you to design your vision for your property's waterfront.  With the modular dock sections, it is easy to add pieces or reconfigure the layout of your docking system as your needs change over time.  There are many accessories that can be added including boat lifts, benches and storage compartments.

Better than Wooden Docks

The most significant advantage over wooden docks is reduced maintenance.   These docks will save you time and money; no rust, no splinters, no need to re-stain, no nails and no cracking.  These docks can easily be cleaned with soap and water from the hose.  They are also environmentally friendly because they allow light to shine through and will not release harmful chemicals into the waterways.  The polyethylene construction of the docks makes them safe and slip-resistant.  Another bonus is the light color of the dock stays cooler, so your bare feet will thank you.


There are hundreds of different shapes, sizes, uses, and layouts of EZ Dock systems.  They can be used for residential homes and property development, marinas, restaurants, retail locations, parks, camps, recreational areas, hotels, resorts, government and military locations, nature preserves, special events, and  rowing.

Dock Sections

There are so many different shapes and sizes available to ensure you get the perfect dock configuration for your property.  The beige color makes these docks more attractive than others and they blend into the surroundings well.  EZ  Dock's patented flotation design creates a suction with the water and compression to increase stability.  You will immediately notice the difference when you set foot onto an EZ Dock.  It's not just floating on top of the water, it's actually creating stability because of the design of the hollow chambers on the underside of the docks.  The patented connection couplers also allow each section to move independently of each other, so in high-stress conditions, the dock still holds it's shape and provides firmness and stability.

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