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Idaho Water Sports offers a variety of Docking solutions to suit a wide range of needs. From Floating docks, to boat lifts and covers, we have what's right for you.

Shore Station

When founder Byron Godbersen designed the first ShoreStation back in 1959, he engineered it to work smarter than other lifts, but he also did one other thing- he over-built it. Heavler materials, strong winches, better cables. Why all the fuss? Well, Byron believed that weekends at the lakes should be spent relaxing with the family, not fixing broken equipment. Dependability was key way back then and is still is today. Relax and spend your weekends doing what you love


The old addage "you get what you pay for" couldn't be more true when it comes to ShoreStation boat lifts. With 50 years of experience and continous improvement, we have perfected the art of building the best! Our 'robust' design provides the lowest cost of ownership among any lift, not to mention peace of mind about costly and time-consuming repairs. When you are ready to upgrade your boat lift, ShoreStation used boat lifts have the highest resale value of any lift brand.


Midwest Industries Inc. was founded in 1954 in Ida Grove, Lowa

Founder Byron Godbersen's first invention, the Bolster Hoist, used hydraulics to tilt grain bin that had been traditionally emptied by hand. The wildly successful product sparked an enitre line of Midwest farm equipment.

Under Byron's guidance, midwest evolved over the year from farm equipment to marine products.

Today production is focused exclusively on ShoreLand Trailer and ShoreStation Lakefront Systems.

The company Ida Grove Headquarters includes a 340,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, distribution warehouse, convention center and private test lake. Midwest employs over 300 people and their products are distributed throughout U.S and Canada, and internationally to the countries in Europe and Asia.

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