Idaho Water Sports

I've grown up in a family that was never without a boat. Originally from Salt Lake City, we moved to Boise when I was 12, but still continued our yearly trips to Lake Powell (my favorite place!). At 14, waterskiing became a passion and a bond between my dad and I. It was always just my favorite hobby until after years of working as a restaurant manager, I wanted to try something completely different and fun. I found myself selling wakeboards and waterskis in Portland, OR when one day there was an opening in the boat sales department. Before then, I had never thought about it, but it has turned out to be my dream job. Now, getting to move home and work for Idaho Water Sports, I couldn't be happier! When not working or boating, I love to read, rock climb, play with my dog (or any dog, really), hike, and spend time with my husband.